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Working with a network of highly specialized and skilled professionals, IMS-21's approach considers every available means of customer contact. We embrace a highly disciplined orientation to return on investment and an uncommon arsenal of digital marketing, including web sites, eNewsletters, Social Media, SEO, communications, public relations, and direct marketing skills.

IMS-21 will produce effective results for your company.

Hospitality Focused
BrochuresWe have done marketing and web site development for all types of businesses (Doctors, Lawyers, Human Resource Companies, Contractors, builders) but with over 30 years of Hospitality Marketing background - our focus and extreme expertise is in the Hospitality Marketing field.

If you own an Inn, Resort, Lodge, Bed and Breakfast or Campground Resort, we can help you. Our first year results range from 20 to 100% improvement depending upon business level in advance. On average we will improve our hospitality clients gross revenue by 30% our first year.

Quite simply, we are the best hospitality marketing company in Maine!”

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“IMS-21 is a lifesaver. All of our advertising from the weekly newspaper ads to the more creative magazine ads are taken care of. They are always professional and easy to work with. I don't know what I would do without them!”
- Sheila Matthews-Bull, Owner
Rhumb Line Resort

Hello Greg,
"I just wanted to say thank you again for putting together such a great website for us. We have had multiple compliments on how well our website was put together. In fact, I had one client recently say that he really felt confident in us based solely on our website. In turn I was able to refer the architect to the job as well.
We appreciate your hard work, dedication, and follow through on our needs." Thanks again!
-Jeff Gagnon
Gagnon Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.