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Development and Design Fees

Complete Web Sites

Custom Web Site Design Rates

We Custom Quote each new web development based on your needs. Contact us today. Give us an idea of how many pages you envision for your site and what you are looking to accomplish and we will personalize a quote for you.

Web Site Updates/Design Maintenance Fees
Updates and Design maintenance are billed at $95 per hour with a $100 minimum per update. We can do a lot of updates in an hour so we encourage clients to group updates as best possible (Note: we have many sites whose annual update fees are $100/year).

New Pages: Additional pages to an existing web site. $50 - 250 per page depending upon the complexity of the page.

Photo Updates:
$25 - 50 per photo including Photoshop Manipulation

Photo Shoots: $500 to travel to your site and shoot for a couple of hours. Rate includes Photoshop Manipulation

Forms: $100 minimum per form for coding and updating.

Hourly Fees:
Below is a listing of our hourly rates for website design and programming, if we do not custom quote you in advance.

Service and Hourly Fee:

HTML, General Graphics/Image Editing, Updates/Design maintenance ($100 minimum) - $95.00

Advanced Graphics, Database Programming, JavaScript Programming, CGIl Programming - $125 - 155.00

Marketing Consulting: $145 per hour. Minimum Fees Apply.

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