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At IMS-21, we recognized the importance of Internet Marketing in the web's infancy. Since 1995, we have embraced this highly cost effective, targeted media that today accounts for over 90% of all travel research.

We know how to properly orchestrate a Digital Media campaign to produce extraordinary results.

A proper digital media campaign must embrace so much more than just a web site... Yes, of course every business must have a web site to be viable these days. But if you want a web site that will produce results you need a complete digital media campaign including a web site that is continually updated and enhanced with new content. Proper html tags on your site. A Blog. All the Social Media outlets including but not limited to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram... eNewsletter and email marketing.

Knowledgeable Guidance

We offer knowledgeable Internet guidance and sound marketing advice to get you an Internet aura that will grow your business more than any one other marketing item you could purchase.

There was a day, when we would have told clients, “The first thing you need is a brochure.” Today, it is “a web site!” But, as mentioned above, today you need so much more than just a web site... you need a complete digital media campaign! We will develop your successful Internet campaign to produce the results you demand!

If you want a web site that will really work for you... call us today 207-468-5959!

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Award-Winning eNewsletter Strategies

For using permission-based email marketing to drive business. Communicating clearly and regularly with  customers and members who have displayed genuine interest in hearing us! For maintaining sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

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A Few Web Sites:
Maine Lodging and Hotel Guide
Southern Maine Coast
Atlantic Oceanfront Motel

"IMS-21 saved our business! They came up, took the photos, did the web site, everything. We had a immediate payback and in this bad economy are now having our best year ever (25% Revenue Increase). Thanks so much Greg and Heather. You cannot afford not to hire this team!"
- Penny Frost, Bay Meadow Cottages

Hi Greg
"The Inn at The Rostay would like to thank you & ims21 for designing a great website and for your expert marketing skills. Sales this past year were up substantially after implementing our new website and marketing suggestions."
Sincerely Yours,
Alan & Kathy Thrall
Owners of The Inn At The Rostay

"IMS-21 has helped our business to stay current as the Internet continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry. We feel confident that we can depend on Greg to keep customers informed about our business through our comprehensive website. In addition, IMS-21 has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional, responsive, creative, and thorough."
- Suzanne Bourassa
Kebek 3 Motel

“Our web site has attracted an ever-increasing customer base as we receive compliments daily regarding its design and navigational ease.”
– Leah Gatcomb, Manager Ogunquit Resort Motel

“Our summer was the best ever this year. We want you to know that we greatly appreciate all the hard work and creativity you put into our website and the feedback we have gotten from our guests on it has been great. Again, thanks for everything!!!