Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Of course the most cost effective direct marketing these days is eNewsletters

But direct marketing, if done properly, can still be a cost effective way to establish a one-to-one personal relationship between a potential customer and a business.

A direct marketing message can be designed to make an instant sale, open a dialogue between the potential customer and your business or simply inform the potential buyer about your many products and services.

Four ingredients must be coordinated to design and implement a successful direct marketing campaign.

1. Procure a targeted list
2. Make a targeted offer
3. Create a properly designed piece with great ("dazzling") copy
4. All delivered at the right time ("timing is everything")

The List:
First, the proper list must be procured. The right list will give you the ultimate opportunities for success. You can have the best product, but if it is delivered to people who do not partake of the services or product you are offering …we have wasted time, effort, and money!

The Offer:
Unless your project goals are simply to provide product awareness (and that can be a worthy goal) you must make an offer. You have heard of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). As hard as it is for most in "the business" to believe, relatively few people know who you are, and fewer are motivated to pick up the phone and purchase your product right now. You need an incentive to move your mailer from the "to do" stack to the "do now" action item. The secret is choosing the right offer for your target market at the right time. Many of the prettiest direct marketing pieces fail simply because they have the wrong offer or worse…no offer!

The Design & Copy:
The goal is to make recipients open your mailer or visit your web site, then we must maintain their interest and get them to act. Speaking of action… A call to action must exist, preferably with an toll free number, postage paid business reply, and a web based Internet response mechanisms with web pages designed to make the consumer take action.

An offer made too early, or too late will not work.

IMS-21 has a track record of success including numerous mailings resulting in minimum of 2% to 4% response rates, well above the industry average. IMS-21 has generated direct mail campaigns, which have generated better than 20% response!

Direct e-Newsletter Marketing


For using permission-based email marketing to drive business. Communicating clearly and regularly with your customers and members who have displayed genuine interest in hearing from you! For maintaining sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

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