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2008 - 2016

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For using permission-based email marketing to drive business. Communicating clearly and regularly with  customers and members who have displayed genuine interest in hearing us! For maintaining sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

Direct marketing via eNewsletters or eMail Blasts can be a cost-effective way to establish a one-to-one personal relationship with your customers.

A direct eMarketing message can be designed to make an instant sale, open a dialogue between the potential customer and your business or simply inform your customers about your many products and services.

At IMS-21 we know you only have 51 seconds to engage a reader in your eNewsletter and that only 19% will actually read the entire eNewsletter. We know that 69% are at work and will scan your e-Newsletter and that 59% will have their image blocking enabled.

The "subject line" is critical and must be short, quick, easy to understand with an offer that people want and not contain buzz words that will place it in the junk mail folder. A large percentage of readers only view the top 2 lines of text in their Preview Pane so we best get right to the point.

We know with 59% of viewers having images blocked, unless specifically enabled, each image needs an alt tag. Relying on image only eNewsletters is flawed.

Four ingredients must be coordinated to design and implement a highly successful direct marketing campaign.

1. Cultivate your e mail database via an “Opt In” list
2. Make a targeted offer
3. Create a properly designed piece with great ("dazzling") copy and proper images
4. Delivered at the right time ("timing is everything")

Opt In List: We only recommend clients use an “opt in” database of in-house names and names they can gather from there web site. SPAM is a 4 letter word and one we never want ourselves or our clients accused of. Further, if you do purchase lists and you are accused of SPAM you risk having your site banned from entire domains!

The Offer: Unless your project goals are simply to provide product awareness (and that can be a worthy goal), you must make an offer. You have heard of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). As hard as it is for most in "the business" to believe, relatively few people know who you are, and fewer are motivated to pick up the phone and purchase your product right now. You need an incentive to move your e mail from “trash bin” to the "do now" action item. The secret is choosing the right offer for your target market at the right time.

The Subject & Copy: The goal is to make recipients open your e mail and visit your web site. The “Subject” must be compelling and action oriented. Speaking of action… A call to action must exist, preferably with web pages designed to make the consumer take action.

Timing: An offer made too early, or too late will not work.

Hard Work and Time
There is no magic pixie dust to sprinkle on the email list to acheive results. It simply requires following well-publicized best practices, including:

  Obtaining subscriber permission
  Authenticating your emails
  Performing regular list hygiene
  Minimizing spam complaints
  Actively monitoring and managing your sender reputation
  Immediately removing hard bounces, unsubscribe requests and spam complaints
  Eliminating coding errors
  Checking for and removing spammy-looking content and design approaches (e.g., single large images) that may get your messages blocked or filtered.