eMarketing Awards


Awarded in 2008 - 2016

Local Agency receives All Star Award... anually!

Kennebunk, ME – Local marketing agency, IMS-21 - Integrated Marketing and Sales for the 21st Century, has received the All Star Award from Constant Contact annually since 2008. IMS-21 based in Kennebunk, receives this recognition for its great email marketing practices.

“IMS-21 does email marketing the way it’s supposed to be done,” said Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is an email campaign program that allows businesses to send emails of interest to their clientele. The customer must opt in – or grant permission to be contacted and may cancel the email subscription at any time. Burke of IMS-21 has been recognized by Constant Contact for excellence in email marketing campaigns since 2008.

Goodman said to IMS-21, “You stayed in touch with your customers or members with regular email communications. You made sure your lists were up to date - and that everyone on it gave you permission to send them emails. Finally, you delivered engaging information that your audience was eager to receive, open, and read. That's why we named you a Constant Contact Email Marketing All Star.”

Greg Burke, President of IMS-21, said “We use Constant Contact for several of our hospitality clients in Maine. We have had excellent success communicating with our subscribers, with a click thru rates 50% above the industry standard, so we are pleased to be recognized for our proper use of opt in email campaigns.”

IMS-21 was founded in 1995 to provide marketing services to local businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. “For fifteen years, we have stayed ahead of the curve for our clients, particularly with web based promotions,” said Burke. “We have worked hard to be leaders in web marketing, email campaigning is an example of that. We are careful to keep our marketing messages fresh, to the point, and targeted to the right people.”

Email marketing is just one of the services that IMS-21 provides to its clients. IMS-21 also specializes in web site development, search engine optimization, print media ad campaigns, and public relations.

IMS-21 can be reached at 207-468-5959, or at www.ims21.net.