Aug 2014 - Google Pigeon Update - What it Means

Google Continues to Change and You get harder and harder to find!

Thousands of web sites fell off the first page of Google rankings 4 weeks ago when Google engineers rolled out a new Google Local algorithm in the United States.

The success of many businesses are tied to rankings on Google. Some search gurus are predicting thousands of businesses are going to fail and go bankrupt. You've got to stay on top of this part of your game if you are going to grow a sustainable business in this upcoming year.

If you dropped off the organic rankings you have to act!

This latest change (nicknamed "Pigeon") determines where websites are listed on Google. Greg Gifford, of SearchEngineLand, highly recommended joining directories and updating every directory you are already on.

In his paragraph “Get Your Barnacle On” Gifford explains:

“Barnacle SEO is the practice of attaching yourself to the “SEO authority” of larger sites and ... now that Pigeon has bumped up directories in the local listings, there are more barnacle opportunities than ever... Make sure you’re listed on those directories, and make sure your listings are completely filled out and optimized.” — Greg Gifford

What you can do right now
Act like a barnacle - Attach your site to industry specific directories as fast as you can. If you have dropped them you might want to reconsider the SEO value and strength those sites bring. If you are Maine Hotel you should strongly be on Maine's Premier Hotels Guide and Directory... VisitMaine.net