Media Plans with a Goal

Strategic Planning - Media Buying

Strategic marketing planning and research. A solid media plan is a critical component that when done properly can assure your success. What is placed is equally as important as where that message is placed. Our integrated marketing programs are designed and executed with a consistent message through every channel. Our results-driven creative and media purchases are on target and on budget.

Advertising that Works
Highly effective ads will grab your attention and lure you in. Effective advertising must highlight the benefits of your product and services to the consumer and requires:

Frequency is critical to the success of any marketing campaign. Generally several smaller ads will be more effective than one big ad.

You need to maintain a consistent message and presentation in all of your ads. At IMS-21 we work to be sure your product has logo, color schemes, jingles, etc. consistent and readily identifiable.

A short simple message is better than a long drawn out one. We will help you identify your most important message and hammer that message home in a clear and easy to understand format.

Use Snappy Words and Be Specific
At IMS-21 we know that certain snappy phrases, adjectives, and verbs are more likely to draw a customer's attention. Words such as save, discover, guarantee, easy, proven results and new tend to be highly successful. We will encourage you to be specific with your words as well. Say, "only $99" rather than "Low Low Prices" or "Great Deals".

“Stopping your advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”
—David Ogilvy

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“With IMS-21's help and guidance we have developed and fine-tuned an all-encompassing marketing and advertising budget for our business.”
-Garry Dominguez,
York Harbor Inn