Positioning you for success


Our marketing philosophy is simple - create a clear, memorable market position and personality. Then, with tenacious consistency, we execute that positioning message in everything we do for you. Sounds simple. But it takes dedication and vision to stay on course. And it takes the involvement of a smart client who understands the importance of staking out a position in the consumer's mind.

Effective Marketing

At IMS-21, effective marketing is not a mystery. It's a combination of learning what consumers want and then delivering a memorable message that tells them how to get it. It is about. . . POSITIONING!

IMS-21 studies your business needs and products and positions your product in a consumer friendly manner.

We communicate your message in a simple, clear, memorable way - a way that makes a strong emotional connection with your audience. Then we consistently build that message through every channel of communication that reaches our target audience - maximizing the impact of the marketing. Because we always transmit one clear message we bring results and maximize your revenues.

Today's Modern Motel Room and why you need it

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“IMS-21 offers one-stop shopping for all the marketing and advertising needs of my small business and most importantly - they get things done.”
-Garry Dominguez,
York Harbor Inn