Get Your Story Told

Public (aka Media) Relations

First of all Public Relations today should be renamed as Media Relations

There is nothing as powerful as having the media tell your message for you. To get media attention you must have a strong message, communicated in an effective way.

What is your USA (Unique Story Angle)? If you do not have one, we can help you develop one.

Once that unique message is developed, you must have the media connections to get that message heard.

At IMS-21 we have the connections and a proven record of getting our clients exposure on local, regional, and nationwide coverage.

Several of our successes include:

  Clients featured on nationwide television - NBC Today Show.
  Several Clients featured on The Travel Channel.
  Client featured on 22 minute segment on The Learning Channel's "Great Inns of America".
  Client featured on 30 minute Vacation Living Show on HGTV (Home & Garden Television).
  Client Featured on Good Morning America.

  Our Media Kits have resulted in dozens of major travel features across the Northeast and Canada.
  Press Releases have resulted in hundreds of major daily newspaper and magazine articles nationwide.

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"I want to commend the work of your consultant Greg Burke of IMS-21. The pre-event materials were very helpful, with details and excellent slides.”
– David Solomon Executive Director Seacoast Media