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Social Media Marketing

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Internet Marketing has grown phenomenally in recent years. One of the most dramatic shifts that has occurred in the web marketplace is that the market has moved rapidly to being driven by the consumer and is no longer dictated by journalists and corporations.

Online consumers are responding to non-intrusive, relevant and socially attractive campaigns and have quite frankly had enough of intrusive, forced online advertising campaigns.

In this new on-coming era of Social Media Marketing, how are you going to compete?

Are you listening to your customers? We mean really listening? Are you asking for their opinion? Are you acting on their desires? Are you on Twitter?

Do you have a blog? And is that blog being regularly updated (at least twice a week) with quality content? Is your business on Facebook? Do you monitor it daily (ideally several times a day).

Have you created your Google Plus page yet? And are you monitoring it?

Have you created a viable on-line interactive community? A community where you are really “communicating” with them. And when we say “communicating” we mean “listening” and “acting” upon your customers' wants and needs.

Do you know that sites like: FaceBook, Wikipedia, Flickr, Google Plus, TripAdvisor, YouTube, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Yelp are not just teen code, dating or recipe sites but are social media sites where consumers are driving consumers.

We are listening here at IMS-21 and we can help you transition into this next era of on-line marketing.

Call us today at 207-468-5959 and jumpstart your business!

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