Web Site Results

Web Site Results

At IMS-21 we will not talk Internet mumbo jumbo to you.

We simply show you results...

Actual Stories:

"We met Greg in January in the process of interviewing several potential marketers for our Inn business, Greg was light years ahead of the others in his breadth of knowledge of the Innkeeping Industry. He had been an Innkeeper and understood the day to day operational issues as well as the financial challenges for a seasonal property in a downward economy. From the day we hired Greg and his IMS-21 team they were committed to our business 100% and unrelenting in their focus on getting the job done. We were told to expect a 10 - 30% increase in business and here we are the beginning of September and we are 29% ahead of last year and growing. Greg's expertise speaks volumes and if anyone had an opportunity to work with this gentleman and IMS -21 it would be the absolute right choice."
- David & Beth Dudley
Ocean Point Inn and Resort

"IMS-21 saved our business! They came up, took the photos, did the web site, everything. We had a immediate payback and in this bad economy are now having our best year ever (25% Revenue Increase). Thanks so much Greg and Heather. You cannot afford not to hire this team!"
- Penny Frost, Bay Meadow Cottages

"I had my best Sept ever" - after IMS-21 redid web site in August 2009

Two Comparable Maine Inns...
Each with 22,400 Visitors per year to their web site.
Inn A - Hired an inexpensive Freelance Web Designer to redo site.
Result: Increased Visitors to 34,592 per year (54% Increase)
Inn B - Hired a Web Development Company (IMS-21).
Result: Increased Visitors to 51,166 per year (128% Increase)
Inn A Saved well over a thousand dollars in web development and business is overall struggling today.
Inn B hired true professionals, is getting 16,574 more web visitors per year, business has never better with record revenue years!

Two Maine Resorts...
Two nearly identical resort properties just down the street from each other in Southern Maine. One chose IMS-21 web site development for $6,000. At the same time, the other resort selected another developer for $2,500 and SAVED $3,500 in web development. The resort with the IMS-21 web site saw web traffic more than double and business increased nearly 20% (over $120,000 in new revenues) during the first season. The other resort just down the street, that saved almost $3,500 on web development... business was off nearly 5%. You decide... who got the better deal?

Success Story A:
These Mid-Maine Inns web traffic were up 85% after we redid their web sites. Business increased 38% & 10% ($190,483 in new gross revenue).

Success Story B:
This Southern Maine Inn reported July Occupancy went from 50% to 98% the year we redesigned their site!

Success Story C:
This NH Hotels web traffic was up 500% after we redid their web site. Business was up over 35% too - it would be up more if they were not sold out so often!

Success Story D:
According the Innkeeper, this Maine Inn's Bookings went from "a few" a day to 50 Bookings per day (unfortunately they do not have that many rooms) since we redid their web site.

Success Story E:
We re-did this Maine Inn's web site and web traffic was up 24%! Business is "very good, way ahead of last year, thanks."

Success Story F:
This 43 unit Maine Inn tracked 36,000 Visitors per year to their web site. In two years we grew that figure to 236,633 Visitors per year (555% increase).

Success Story G:
In Feb 2004, we took over the marketing of this 111 room Maine Inn's web site. For the previous 3 years they had used a well established marketing company from out west who bill themselves as "the leading provider of hotel Internet marketing services to the hospitality industry."
Our Client's Results: 324% 5-year increase
Nov 2002 – Nov 03: 58,955 Visitors per year (175 per day)
Nov 2003 – Nov 04: 99,933 Visitors per year (272 per day) +40,978, +55%
Nov 2004 – Nov 05: 147,524 Visitors per year (401 per day) +47,591, +74%
Nov 2005 – Nov 06: 187,833 Visitors per year (515 per day) +40,309, +27%
Nov 2006 – Nov 07: 232,588 Visitors per year (637 per day) +44,755, +24%
Nov 2007 – Nov 08: 250,096 Visitors per year (680 per day) +17,508, +7.5%

Success Story H:
This Maine Inn previously used an instate agency to handle their web marketing. We have cut their paid web links by 50% (50% savings on marketing costs) while increasing their web traffic by 109% (from 45,000 visitors per year to 94,000 in the first year).

Success Story I:
Chamber Web Site Success: We track web traffic for over 50 Maine Inns. We know most Maine Chambers' web sites refer 500 to 2,500 visitors per year to their member web sites (with an average of about 800 visitors referred per chamber). We did this Maine Chamber's Web Site for 10 years. The Chamber was sending an average of over 22,200 Visitors per year to its lodging members (that is an average with some getting nearly 40,000)! How many visitors do you get from your Chamber? Probably wish we did your Chamber's site - don't you?

Success Story J:
This Maine Resort did not want us to redo their web site. Their customers constantly told them they loved it like it was. But we had done their original site 4 years previous and we knew we could do better for them (4-years is like ancient history on the Internet). After increasing from less than 50,000 visitors after our first redesign the previous 2 years, their web traffic had been stagnant at 74,000 Visitors per year. After we finally redid their site, that number jumped to 95,000 in one year and 136,459 the 2nd year (83% 2-year increase).

More Actual Results:
~ A 42 Room Maine Property now receiving 261,696 Visitors per year.
~ A 54 room Maine Inn is getting 322,347 Visitors per year.
~ A Maine Resort is getting over 464,000 Visitors annually.

How many visitors per year (we are talking Visitors here - not the infamous "Hits") are you getting to your web site? Do you even know?

Do you want more visitors to your web site? Do you want more business? Would you like FREE Web Tracking?

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